GRP Tray Manufacturing Industry In India Seems More Profitable Than Conventional Cable Trays Industry

GRP trays manufacturers in India are making largest production of most preferred GRP products to cater industrial requirements in the market. These manufacturers are getting more opportunities for business in domestic and overseas markets unlike conventional cable tray manufacturing sector.


Why GRP Cable Tray Manufacturing Sector Is In Demand?

GRP trays are long lasting and affordable when compared to conventional- iron or steel gratings. Glass reinforced plastic is the most preferred material that is used for manufacturing sorts of sturdy and durable construction pieces such as decks, bridges, trays, etc. The buyers in the market are purchasing GRP/ FRP based trays from manufacturers instead of iron or steel because of the exclusive list of properties offered by GRP cable trays:

  • Water resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Anti- deformation
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Robust and strong
  • Anti-crack
  • UV protected
  • Fire resistant

GRP tray manufacturers in India are popular for producing high quality cable trays for big hotel chains, restaurants, buildings, corporate sector, etc. These trays are moisture resistant and don’t get corrode when come in contact with chemicals.

Recycling Of GRP Trays Influencing Manufacturers to Promote Their Products

It is true that GRP trays manufacturers in India are revising their growth charts and promoting their products across the world. The plus point of recycling process enables them to reuse used GRP trays and shape them into new profiles. The costing of recycling glass reinforced plastic is lesser than iron or steel recycling processes. That’s why more manufacturing companies in India are sourcing quality GRP materials to form various products with cost effectiveness. Moreover, GRP trays and profiles are more durable and long lasting products than conventional ones. Of course, the price is also less as compared to steel cable trays.



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